Rock-A-Bully THREE will be here before we know it!   Once again hosted by our friends at Sue Ellens; this is the perfect venue to arrange our great music, special guests, Rescue Groups and everything!!

On Nov. 3, 2013 from 1-7pm, this year’s Rock-A- Bully 3 will benefit TWO great local rescue groups who advocate and welcome our beloved Pit Bulls!!  DFW Rescue Me and Animal Rescue of Texas are those groups! SHORTY ROSSI and friends will be here to speak and meet their fans! GREAT BANDS will play all day long!! Check the Schedule tab!  Also, check us out on Facebook!

-Children welcomed! Please keep a close eye on children and make sure they know the proper ways to greet a new dog. Check out this informative poster!

-Dogs welcomed! Please keep pets on leashes at all times. No unaltered pets allowed. For public safety, all dogs must be fully vaccinated.

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