Pet photo tips


During Rock-A-Bully oil painter Beth VanDeventer will paint a picture of one lucky pup.
Submit a photo to enter. Winner receives a 16×20 oil painting.

1. Send $10 to paypal  with note Pet Portrait Contest
visit PayPal now! Do not need a paypal account to send money

2. Send photo to email Deadline midnight Oct. 31st

3. There is no limit on how many photos you may enter. $10 per photo.

4. See tips from the artist on selecting the best photo!  These are tips directly from Beth to help you submit a photo that she would be more drawn to want to paint.  Beth will not know who any of the dogs are or who their human is.  She will choose solely by who she is drawn to.        Use these photo tips wisely!!

5. Photo will be picked before the event and painted during the event!


– Good lighting! Outside in the morning or afternoon.
– Pets cast a shadow.
– Ideally some variation on coat ( especially with black fur)
– Actively doing something or looking at the camera

Composition Considerations
– Head tilt or other interesting angles (ex. Dog turning to face camera so you see face and tail.)
– Close ups on face.
– Clear imagine.
– Color variation (ex. Dog in garden or in water.)
– Photo that captures an attitude, personality or emotion.

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